I was born on a cold day (probably) in December back in the mid ’80s, had a decent childhood, an exhausting adolescence, and a slow-as-molasses approach to adulthood.  I’ve been in bands since the age of 14, produced music on my own, and currently handle low-end and visual art duties for an evil rock outfit called Grail.  Pens, pencils, Sharpie markers, and Photoshop are the tools for my visual art, and my influences range from comic books to music, movies and various other forms of literature.  Death and darkness are the themes  I normally go for, but this is far from a hard-and-fast rule.  I enjoy Dr. Pepper, tuna sandwiches, and video games when I’m not working.  I currently work for a coffee shop during the day producing posters for bands and events as well as all merchandise and signage.

If you’re ever in Waco TX, stop by one of the local watering holes, we’ll have a beer and chat about the local sports team(s).  Or, if you’re into metal and fine cheeses, we can talk about that too.

If you’re in a band and would like to contact me about working on shirts/posters/album art/etc, drop me an email at shaycscranton@gmail.com and we’ll chat.  I’m not in this business to make a fortune, and having been in bands for over half my life, I know both the need for excellent promotional artwork AND what it’s like to not have the funds to attain it.  So if money is your concern, send me an email anyway, we can probably work something out.  Get at me.

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